Episode 154: Say NO to MORE and YES to LESS – Cody Hofhine

In this Video David Dodge Interviews Cody Hofhine from Wholeasaling Inc. David and Cody talk about how they got into real estate investing and what Cody did prior to being a real estate investor and coach. Cody sold insurance for years before he got into the real estate investing game but when he did he hit the ground running! Cody is now one of the founds and owners of “Wholesaling Inc” which is a podcast and coaching program. It is most likely the NUMBER 1 wholesale coaching program on the Planet.

Cody tells David how it all started with Tom Kroll and back in 2017 and how they become friends while Tom was Coaching Cody back in the beginning. At this point, Cody Hofhine, Tom Kroll & Brent Daniels all host the podcast episodes and it was great to get to connect with Cody. He has such awesome energy and David is grateful for the opportunity.

Things that cover in this episode:

  • Who is Cody Hofhine?
  • How they got in Real Estate Investing
  • Cody’s Coaching Program
  • How Cody and Tom Kroll starts way back 2017
  • Shares his experience in life
  • Tips on how to become successful in business
  • Having a business partner will help you to be successful
  • Wholeasaling Inc.

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Say NO to MORE and YES to LESS!

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About the Author
David Dodge is the Host of this Podcast!! He is also a Real Estate Investor, Wholesaler, Landlord and Rehabber with over 15 years of experience. He loves teaching what he knows as well as bringing in guests to share the knowledge of others. His passion is wholesaling for big profits and passive income from rentals.

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